A tool that simplifies grants for lighting upgrades, energy audits, residential energy efficiency activities and solar panel installations.
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LightWork Solar has been designed to assist Solar Panel Installers and Retailers to efficiently claim STCs under the Australian Governments Renewable Energy Target (RET).

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LightWork Residential is an app that allows clients to conduct household audits and activities in the SA (REES) Scheme & VIC (VEET) Schedule 21a/b.

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LightWork Commercial provides access to Government incentives for energy efficient lighting installations by streamlining certificate creation for commercial lighting projects in NSW (ESS) and VIC (VEET).

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LightWork Solar

LightWork Solar assists in the creation of STCs. Several evidences are required to be captured along with the barcodes of the solar panels. LightWork solar can assist in collecting this data providing a quicker turn around to payment.

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LightWork Solar also has a desktop version for easy data input while your installers are out in the field
Check out some of its features:

LightWork Solar For Desktop

Currently in Beta Version

LightWork Solar Web Portal provides access to all Solar Panel installations entered via the app by an installer while out in the field. Ideal for situations where installers need to move quickly between jobs with no time to enter customer data, just scan the barcodes, sign, take a shot of the final installation and off to the next job. The web portal gives you a desktop option to enter all the relevant data that doesn't need to be entered on site.

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LightWork Residential

Discover how LightWork Residential can assist with household audits and activities for the REES Scheme.
A small sample of features include:
Geo tagged and time stamped photos, Automatic signature capture, Auto fill the REES Household Audit Form

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LightWork Residential has a desktop version
Check out some of its features:

LightWork Residential For Desktop

LightWork Residential Web Portal gives you access to real-time updates from the app as data is entered. It provides the ability to bulk update jobs and automatically generate all the necessary reports for Certificate creation.

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LightWork Commercial

Discover how LightWork can help streamline certificate creation, quoting and payment for commercial lighting projects under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS), the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme, and the SA Retiler Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES).

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